Gary Sinise Was in St. Louis Yesterday

Actor Gary Sinise, best known for being the other guy in a bunch of really good Tom Hanks movies, was in St. Louis Monday to talk about his upcoming concert at the Family Arena and how it’s proceeds will go to a good cause:

He made the official announcement that his band, named the “Lt. Dan Band” after his character in that 1994 film, will play a Memorial Day weekend concert on May 27th at the St. Charles Family Arena.

Sinise announced that proceeds from every ticket sold for the May 27th concert will go towards construction of a Smart Home for Corporal Nicely, part of a project sponsored by the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Woah wait a minute. For one, Gary Sinise is in a band? …and two, he named it the “Lt. Dan Band”?! …and three, this video shows all members of the band are not only fully able, but doing things like dancing, finger picking a bass guitar and putting their arms around each other? False advertising to say the least, but just plain flaunting your non-hook-based limbs is more like it. Still give all ticket sales to disabled vets, but change the name of the band to the more apt “That one guy from the movies…you know who I’m talking about…the guy! …he’s on CSI now…no, the other one…the non-black or ginger one Band”

Oh and maybe get Tom Hanks to make a band and open for him.

via KMOX