Foodbank Tries to Trick You in to Being Charitable While Working Out

Nice try St. Louis Area Foodbank. Here’s where you messed up in your little trick to get people to be charitable by saying lifting canned goods are working out: We don’t want to do either of those things! In. Your. Face. The organization also aims to demonstrate the physical benefits of volunteering at nonprofit organizations throughout St. Louis and is encouraging people to sign up for the “Pound for Pound Challenge,” a free online weight loss program that raises money for Feeding America. [Read More]

Gary Sinise Was in St. Louis Yesterday

Actor Gary Sinise, best known for being the other guy in a bunch of really good Tom Hanks movies, was in St. Louis Monday to talk about his upcoming concert at the Family Arena and how it’s proceeds will go to a good cause: He made the official announcement that his band, named the “Lt. Dan Band” after his character in that 1994 film, will play a Memorial Day weekend concert on May 27th at the St. [Read More]

St. Louis Salvation Army Finally Gets Credit Card Donation Kettles, Still Not Cool with Gay Stuff

After rollouts in Dallas, Los Angeles and Colorado Springs, St. Louis’ Salvation Army wing is finally killing everyone’s favorite excuse “Sorry, I don’t have any change on me.” The Salvation Army is hoping that adding a credit card option will help increase donations to its red kettles in the St. Louis area. Salvation Army officials hope the new option will attract people who aren’t carrying cash or change. Average donations jumped from $2 to $15 when donors used electronic payment machines in Dallas, Los Angeles and Colorado Springs in 2008. [Read More]