St. Louis Salvation Army Finally Gets Credit Card Donation Kettles, Still Not Cool with Gay Stuff

After rollouts in Dallas, Los Angeles and Colorado Springs, St. Louis’ Salvation Army wing is finally killing everyone’s favorite excuse “Sorry, I don’t have any change on me.”

The Salvation Army is hoping that adding a credit card option will help increase donations to its red kettles in the St. Louis area.

Salvation Army officials hope the new option will attract people who aren’t carrying cash or change. Average donations jumped from $2 to $15 when donors used electronic payment machines in Dallas, Los Angeles and Colorado Springs in 2008.

The charity’s St. Louis region took in about $1 million from kettle donations last year. The money goes toward toys for children, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry and for social service programs.

Finally! I mean about time right? …still probably going to have to pass though. What you have done is that now instead of doing the pointing to our pockets and shrugging thing, now we’ll do the “oh no, my hands are just too full” shrug, or just ignore you.

Fine work with the giving to the children and all is done yearly by the Salvation Army, but there are many other places that do good work and also don’t take the time to put anti-gay statements like this on their site. Not saying you shouldn’t give, or they don’t help anyone in need (they do), but every year this comes up. Note the great wording. “Positive view” is so beautifully subjective.

The Salvation Army holds a positive view of human sexuality. Where a man and a woman love each other, sexual intimacy is understood as a gift of God to be enjoyed within the context of heterosexual marriage.

The Salvation Army believes, therefore, that Christians whose sexual orientation is primarily or exclusively same-sex are called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life. There is no scriptural support for same-sex unions as equal to, or as an alternative to, heterosexual marriage.

No scriptural support of chicks talking back to us when we’re telling them they should dress up a little next time we see them in the Dierbergs canned vegetables aisle either, but yet they still call us names we won’t repeat. Clearly they hate baby Jesus. Damn shame.

Oh they aren’t fond of pornography too:

Pornography is an increasingly harmful scourge on society, endangering and degrading the physical, moral, and spiritual welfare of all those involved. It is clearly linked with prostitution, sexual abuse and assault, and other forms of sexual exploitation. Pornography promotes deviant sex and violence. It harms and demeans those who are portrayed as sexual objects, as well as its users and purveyors.

Demeaning? Deviant sex?! Someone’s never seen any amputee porn! In this one, the girl has only half an arm and she sticks the stump right up the…oh, we see what you mean.

via AP