Foodbank Tries to Trick You in to Being Charitable While Working Out

Nice try St. Louis Area Foodbank. Here’s where you messed up in your little trick to get people to be charitable by saying lifting canned goods are working out: We don’t want to do either of those things! In. Your. Face.

The organization also aims to demonstrate the physical benefits of volunteering at nonprofit organizations throughout St. Louis and is encouraging people to sign up for the “Pound for Pound Challenge,” a free online weight loss program that raises money for Feeding America.

A program that tries to get you to lose weight, only to raise funds so that others can gain weight? Feels like there’s an optimization here that involves liposuction and poor people overcoming any gag reflex they may have left. Can’t be that hard though, seeing as most people give creamed spiniach to food drives, “rich guy ass fat” can’t be much worse. The trick is to always call it by the French translation: riche cul grassouillet which sounds a lot nicer and seems to have worked for escargot.

via STLToday