Man Beats Girl to Death, Blames Actions on Poor CPR Instructions During Appeal

Quintin Gray was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years for beating his girlfriend’s 3-year-old little girl to death back in early 2008. Gray is now appealing that charge and though he isn’t exactly refuting the vicious beating he laid on the little girl, he is offering a reason as to why the beating happened.

He was trying to give the girl CPR and he just isn’t very good at it! Apparently the line between firm thrusts to the chest the for resuscitation of a child is just one bad instruction from punching her in the face repeatedly and whipping her with a belt.

Gray’s mother, Kimberly Wallace, 43, is a part-time nurse at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center. She said the 911 dispatcher can be heard instructing her son to use his palms for CPR when she should have instructed him to use his fingers.

Authorities said Miyannah died of blunt force trauma. Her liver was damaged and a large amount of blood had pooled in Miyannah’s abdomen, according to the doctor who performed the autopsy.

She said the injuries were like those found in a car accident and consistent with a sudden, forceful impact like a punch or kick, not compressions of the chest or stomach.

Mrs. Wallace is so right on. If someone told us that we should be using our palms for chest compression instead of fingers, we would have thought to ourselves: “Does ‘palms’ mean punch her in the face over and over again? What about name-calling or yelling? Any of that help?” Geez, we aren’t all doctors that can understand complex medical jargon like “palms” and “bashing someone’s head against stuff isn’t a viable CPR chest compression option.”

The appeals court’s ruling is expected anywhere from two to six months, plenty of time for one of Gray’s cellmates to practice a little “CPR” on him.

via STLToday