State Politician Wants to Make Gas Stations Notify You About Price Hikes

State Politician Wants to Make Gas Stations Notify You About Price Hikes

If you just read all the stupid crap the Missouri State government spends their time fighting over (Rush Limbaugh, Presidential ID checks, etc…) you’d think Missouri must be totally bitchin’ to live in. If their government is killing time with that crap, it’s gotta be all free banana splits and blow jobs over there right?

Nah. It’s just that we elected morons.

A Missouri lawmaker says we all should get a heads-up when there’s a price hike at the gas pump.

The proposal says the oil companies must tell the gas stations. The gas stations must tell you by posting a sign 24 hours ahead of the increase.

What a stupid idea. How is this going to work? Do they have to notify you about price drops as well? Who’s going to enforce this when they tell you it’s going up so you rush to the pump and then nothing happens, or even goes down the next day? Gas stations don’t make anything off the gas anyway, they just want you to come in and buy a Coke and now they’ll have to update yet another sign?

“Everybody talks about them (gas prices), but nobody does anything about them,” said Weter, a Republican who represents a rural district in southwest Missouri. “I think I could do a little bit of something about them.”

“them gas prices”? Just to be clear, even though there’s a good shot that this guy might be actually for reals retarded and possibly on some kind of ever-lasting “make a wish” situation, we’re going to keep making fun of him anyway.

Think about it: Even if gas jumps to $4.15, the difference in filling an 18 gallon tank at the current $3.75, we’re talking $7.20. Yes, that’s the cost of a lunch (if you don’t want a drink) so maybe it is worth them to force a notification system. A system that would need people to run and regulate it, to get the numbers from Big Oil, send them to the gas stations and then tell that poor bastard to go update the sign…all while you’re standing at the counter at 8:30am with your rapidly cooling coffee wondering “Where the hell is this guy?!” Yeah, “them ideas from that thar State Representative sure are swell! Lets put on the good overalls and dance while our inbred brother/cousin/dad blows in to this jug!”

Let make sure we get this to happen so we can have the state tell us when every commodity’s price raises slightly: Milk, eggs, bread, heroin, sex slaves, those little doughnuts with the chocolate outside and yellow insides, gold, self-respect, free lunches, tea in China…seriously, just make a website ( and have a big arrow point up or down for the near-term trend in gas prices. Done. We just saved the State of Missouri thousands and you’re all welcome.

via KMOV

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