Anyone Know How to Sign “Stop Hitting Me With Your Car!”?

A Maryland Heights man, Andrew Stcyr, 24, had an interpreter (Stcyr is deaf) call the police to file a report on a man for bashing in the windshield of his car. Sure, the man broke Stcyr’s windshield only after Stcyr hit him with his car…twice…but I mean still. Can’t be braking windshield of deaf dudes bro. Also, Stcyr totally signed “Look out bitch!” right before he ran him over. Not his fault he was looking a different direction and can’t hear sign language or even understand it if he had seen it. [Read More]

Who Farted? Looking At You Maryland Heights!

Maryland Heights residents and commuters got a lovely present this morning when a local beverage distributer, Cott Beverages USA, had an issue that resulted in an ammonia leak. Fire officials released warnings and instructed everyone to stay in their homes if they could smell the ammonia. It was never strong enough to cause and evacuations and by 8am it was all but evaporated. Maryland Heights officials have no firm details on the cause of the noxious fumes, and have asked city officials to see where St. [Read More]

Watch Out Underage Drinkers of Maryland Heights!

The Post Dispatch reports that Maryland Heights has over 400 underage drinking violations every year. Also, apparently, they care about it. So much in fact that they are applying for a state grant so they can things like hire “underage undercover operatives” also known as douchey kids or young Dwight Schrutes. Seriously. Wow, a narc at such a young age. I bet these kids are just going to be swimming in some mad levels of pussy! [Read More]