Anyone Know How to Sign “Stop Hitting Me With Your Car!”?

A Maryland Heights man, Andrew Stcyr, 24, had an interpreter (Stcyr is deaf) call the police to file a report on a man for bashing in the windshield of his car. Sure, the man broke Stcyr’s windshield only after Stcyr hit him with his car…twice…but I mean still. Can’t be braking windshield of deaf dudes bro. Also, Stcyr totally signed “Look out bitch!” right before he ran him over. Not his fault he was looking a different direction and can’t hear sign language or even understand it if he had seen it.

It began near the traffic signal at Jungs Station Road and Upper Bottom Road shortly after 1 p.m. Jan. 14 when James A. Richardson, 52, of St. Louis, said he noticed a Lincoln Town Car following closely behind his Ford Taurus.

Richardson told officers he stopped at the signal and Stcyr began blowing his horn.

McGuire said Stcyr followed Richardson onto Arrow Rock Drive where he forced him to pull over. Stcyr was not only blowing his horn, but yelling at Richardson as well, McGuire said.

So the deaf guy can yell at that dude, but still needs an interpreter to call the cops? The world is so confusing. I guess if you had to practice speaking, just focusing on epithets is one way to go.

Richardson exited his car and approached the Lincoln. Stcyr drove into Richardson, throwing him onto the hood and breaking the windshield, McGuire said. Richardson rolled off the hood and, according to McGuire, Stcyr drove into him again.

Stcyr reportedly left the scene, and Richardson was taken to SSM St. Joseph Health Center for treatment. He has since been released.

Stcyr has been charged with felony first-degree assault and armed criminal action. Stcyr’s lawyer claims this is all a misunderstanding of course, but that nutty looking mugshot with puffed cheeks and crazy-guy hair isn’t helping.

No word yet from Stcyr’s lawyer if they are going to claim that he only ran the man over in self deaf-ense. Wow. That was horrible. Sorry. Seriously though, wackos are all over the place kids. Remember to practice deaf-ensive driving! Ok, we’ll stop now.

via STLToday