Town and Country Alderman is a Horrible Liar

You should be ashamed of yourself. The deer are what make Town and Country such a nice place to live. It’s aldermen like you who should be shot.

That’s one of the emails Town and Country Alderman David Karney sent to fellow Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith after the two disagreed on how to handle their community’s deer population problem. We initially guessed it was because Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith uses a hyphenated last name which, as we all know, is only done by people that no respect of the sanctity of last names and deserve nothing but our collective ire.  You think we all have plenty of time to be writing two last names for you?! Oh, there’s a hypen, must be just a single last name…wait, no its not. You’re cheating the system you bastard!


Anyway, Karney didn’t like Meyland-Smith’s idea and because he’s a pussy, he decided to make a bunch of fake email accounts and used them to send threatening emails. The perfect crime…as long as he didn’t send them from his office computer…oh damn. He did. All that’s left to do is own up to it:

Karney publicly apologized and said it was someone else who used his computer to send the email. He will not say who.

Really? Jesus dude, grow a pair. We always thought that Town and Country Aldermen were total badasses…also, by the way, we’re going to start lying at the end of our posts.

via KMOV