The KSDK Staff Takes a Look in to the Past…It’s Rough.’s little sister site recently took a look back with some old photos from the KSDK staff’s past.

Some are quite cute, like little Kay Quinn in her Hawaiian outfit:


Next up? Art Holliday, the target of all spilled affection on the Art Holliday Facebook Fan Club. We had no idea he was a Little Rascal.

Next up? Sports guy turned anchor Mike Bush! A few things to note in this picture: 1. His hair wasn’t always varnished down like that! 2. It appears Mike was staring in the gay porn version of Gilligan’s Island when this photo was taken.

…oh speaking of hard-core 70’s pornography here’s Punching Kitty’s favorite reporter that just tries so hard you just want to pinch her cheeks, Leisa Zigman!

Hey baby. We noticed you noticing us noticing that you aren’t wearing a bra. Call us!

Lastly, just so we don’t leave you with a confused Leisa Zigman chubby, here’s Jennifer Blome‘s creepy eyes peering in to your soul. She knows all about you and those eyes see everything. Even when you poop.

Enjoy the news tonight!