Cardinals Fans Boo Cub Player, Everyone at Home Loses Their Mind

fans_booWe all need to chill out on this “Greatest Fans” crap.  Not because I don’t think its true, I think the average St. Louis Cardinals fan has got to be right up there in the argument to who is the best, most intelligent fans.  No, I think we should cut the “Greatest Fans” thing because the weight of living up of that is apparently weighing on some so much that they have had the fun squeezed right out of them.

The best example of this was last night at the All Star game, specifically during the introductions of the All Star players.

As Joe Buck went down the list, the Cardinals fans in attendance cheered like good little “best fans,” even when they introduced the Red Sox, but when they got to Ted Lilly, starting pitcher for the bitter rival Cubs,  the Cardinals fans in Busch Stadium booed.  Gasp.

I thought it was awesome.  Thats what you are supposed to do…its game…the Cubs are our rivals.

Some, however, disagreed.

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At least Will Leitch (of Deadspin) is on my side…

Picture 5

Chill out St. Louis.  Take that giant self-imposed lead weight off your shoulders and enjoy a fun game that includes rivalries. Being good fans is great and I think thats us, but being uptight all the time about something as fun and silly as booing your rival, just makes us sound like the British people of the baseball world.