Pujols Hates the Riverfront Times

In the post “Don’t Blame Pujols: An Apology” on the Riverfront Time’s website, Tom Finkel tells the tale of their All Star Guide to St. Louis and how it ruffled the feathers of one big Dominican Cardinal:

Last Thursday afternoon I got a call from Brian Bartow, the St. Louis Cardinals’ director of media relations. Bartow said the team had seen and loved the_Riverfront Times Guide to All-Star Week_, a special supplement this paper had published the previous day — all except the part where we revealed the home addresses of some current and former Redbirds luminaries.

The players, Bartow said, were particularly peeved, especially Pujols. So upset were they, Bartow told me, that the ballclub felt it had no option but to instruct Major League Baseball to revoke the credentials they’d granted _Riverfront Times_to cover the All-Star Game, and to rescind our credentials to cover the team over the course of the regular season.

Finkel goes on to mention what was our initial thought on the subject, that this information is really easily attainable from public records, but I’m betting that doesn’t make Pujols feel any better.

As with most posts like this, the article is fun, the comments are better…god bless comments.

Abe Peters says:

So this smarmy column is supposed to be an apology?

A deranged racist once threatened to kill Derek Jeter and other black players. How would your second-rate publication feel if it contributed to a crime by giving some nut a road map?

Here’s hoping you never get credentialed again. Amateurs.

Dudes named Abe are always grouchy.  I bet Lincoln was grouchy.

Seely says:

I covered the Cardinals a few years ago for the RFT, and the surliest player in the locker room was none other than Pujols. Now, granted, that may have been his pregame psych-up ritual, but the dude hardly has a saintly demeanor, devout as he is.

I’ve heard that all the great ball players were in some way kinda dicky (with the exception of Musial).

Big Joe says:

do you honestly think the players are actually playing out there?! who the hell cares if they win or lose…..think of what would happen if one of those players breaks their arms during an All Star game…..

I could care less who wins the game…..Im more interested in how hot the girls are at the Playboy parties after the game and before the game.

any idiot who thinks all star games and pro bowls are for real is a little wet behind the ears.

Why do all conversations in this town seemingly have to eventually involve a guy that goes by “Big Joe”?