St. Louis Rants and Raves: The Pulse of a City

If you are new here, you may not know that we have kind of an obsession with Craiglist’s Missed Connections.  Missed Connections are a beautiful mix of angst, confidence, and crazy…but we might have been missing something better…

Dude, Rants and Raves is awesome!  We need to catch up, so I present you “The Pulse of a City”:

Where are the street walkers in Granite

never see any their but I hear they are their, where could they be?

Good question.

show me some boobs

come on ladies

lets see them boobies. hard small firm are the best!!!!!!!!!!


Anybody ever piss in a girls ass while buttf*cking her?

If so, what happened?

Huh.  I kinda want to know that too now.

…and finally…

Cindy McCain

I’d bang ‘er.That’s not saying much though.No sex in 21/2 months.

There you have it St. Louis!  The pulse of your city.  Oh and here’s a photo of Cindy McCain…a handsome woman, even if you had sex last night.