Kansas City: Oh So Now You Have to Have a All-Star Game Too?

Kansas City, St. Louis’ little annoying sibling, just has to do everything we do. First we were like “It would be awesome if our football team was really terrible.” and then Kansas City thought that was awesome, so now the Chiefs suck, and now after our All-Star game last year Kansas City wants one of those too.

Commissioner Bud Selig will be in Kansas City on Wednesday to formally award the 2012 All-Star Game to the Royals and Kauffman Stadium. […] The announcement was delayed as details — such as available hotel rooms — were worked out.

Major League Baseball promised Kansas City an All-Star Game if it passed the major renovations to Kauffman Stadium that opened last year.

Look, St. Louis isn’t exactly in the running for the Olympics lately, but at least we have some major sporting events here. When was the last time Kansas City had anything like this?

[I]t will be Kansas City’s first major sporting event since the 1988 Final Four.

Spit take! Ha. These are the people that get jazzed up like its the effing World Series when the Cardinals come to town once a year, and they want an All Star game? The best part of the article announcing this on KansasCity.com is that last paragraph that basically pleads for the people of KC to not be weird and screw this up:

Because Kansas City voters rejected funding for a rolling roof over Arrowhead Stadium that would’ve drawn a Super Bowl and potential Final Fours, this could be our last major sporting event for some time.

This is just like the ugly girl in the high school class that finally gets her chance to shine and gets all made up for her big night…but then actually still looks really ugly and everyone is all like “Oh yeah, that’s why we don’t like her.” and instead the cool jock goes back to his girlfriend with the giant boobs and great body…ok face, but I mean, that’s not a deal breaker. Don’t get us wrong, she’s not ugly or anything, she’s just realistic in that she knows no one is looking at her face because her jugs are huge.

…oh. So uh…that’s why we should change Troy, MO’s name to “Stop Saying You’re From St. Louisville”…or something.

via Kansas City.com