Would Yadi Molina Skip an Autograph Event?

Steiner Sports Marketing think so and they Yadi’s little memory slip means he should pay them about $175,000. Which would be the $90,660 that they paid the Cardinals catcher to do the session and then another $84,340 for whatever. Would our big eared Yadi skip out on an event he was already paid to do? Who knows, but we think a lawsuit like this is probably initiated because they have some pretty solid evidence. [Read More]

Yadi Gets the ESPN Magazine Cover

We love ourselves some Pujols out here and the world knows it, but from time to time its good to see someone else on the team to get a little of the spotlight. From our extensive research, we’ve found that if St. Louis had to pick a second favorite Cardinal, most would say the same guy: Yadier Molina Guess who got the next cover of ESPN the magazine and is sporting a pretty bad-ass catcher pose? [Read More]