Lets All Vote Family Circus Out of the Post Dispatch Comics!

Every year the Post Dispatch lets the 134 old people waiting to die that still get the paper delivered to them vote in a poll to see what comic they cut out to keep things “lively”. Usually? Who cares right? However, this year we noticed a frequent target of our ire in the list: Family Circus. This is it Family Circus! You slipped up and got on the “kill” list and now we are going to make you pay. [Read More]

Soulard Tough Guy Gets Shot at Spike TV’s “The Ultimate Fighter”

That menacing looking fellow above is Kyle Watson, a Brazillan Jiu-Jitsu instructor, who has earned one of the 28 spots on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter reality show. The Ultimate Fighter sounded like a odd name for a show about filming gay porn but then someone told us that actually those gentlemen rolling around in nothing but tiny shorts don’t love each other, but rather are in a fight. The 11th season of Spike TV’s angst-ridden reality show starts on September 15th at 7pm. [Read More]

Kurt Warner a Possible Dancing With the Stars Entrant?

Could retired Arizona Cardinals quarterback and St. Louis demi-god, Kurt Warner, is rumored to be in the next set of has-beens/trying-to-bes on the ABC show Dancing With the Stars. Kurt Warner, formerly of Arizona and St. Louis, who is reportedly under consideration for the fall season of DWTS. So reports Lisa de Moraes, the Washington Post’s television columnist from the annual summer critics tour. While DWTS has previously hosted running backs (Emmitt Smith), wide receivers (Jerry Rice) and defensive linemen (Warren Sapp) , Warner would be the first quarterback to be a contestant on the show. [Read More]

St. Louis Wins “Other Guys” Premiere

Well kinda. It’s more like the real first pitch that goes to a celebrity at a ballgame and then the 14 other “first pitches” that they give out to retarded children. Guess which one St. Louis is in that metaphor? The buddy-cop comedy is set in New York, so the Big Apple gets the first bite, on Aug. 4. But the next day, Will and Mark will jet to St. [Read More]

Project Runway Season 8 Includes Two Designers From St. Louis

I know you think we here at Punching Kitty spend our “down time” doing extreme things like kicking lions or swimming in the Mississippi with our mouths open, but from time to time we might sit down and enjoy the more stagnent side of life by enjoying a spot of TV. Keeping in mind the whole “kicking lions” thing we said earlier, we aren’t afraid to say we watch Project Runway. [Read More]

Tips for the Chicagoan Visiting St. Louis

Editor’s Note: This post was sent to us from a guest writer, Lance K. I gotta say when I first read this, I thought “I don’t remember writing this!” so I thought this was the perfect post to ease in our Guest Author feature. If you have any interest in guest authoring a post here, drop me a line at editor@punchingkitty.com …also love that he’s clinging to the “VP Fair” name. [Read More]

The New York Times Visits St. Louis for 36 Hours

Its not a lot of time, but that’s all it took New York Times reporter Dan Saltzstein to find 12 notable items for the world to visit if they happen through the gateway to the west you now just fly over since very few planes actually land here anymore. St. Louis is more than just a Gateway to the West. The famous arch, of course, is still there, along with plenty of 19th-century architecture and an eye-opening amount of green space. [Read More]

Local Man Bill Keaggy to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel July 1st

Bill Keaggy is an interesting guy. Usually people that are described as interesting are guys that do Civil War reenactments and say in character way too long, or collect weird stuff. Keaggy falls in the later bucket and one of his quirky collections is landing him on the national late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live (not to be confused with Jimmy Kimmel Taped Earlier Today, which is the name of the pilot we’ve been pitching. [Read More]

Tony LaRussa Watches Step Brothers During Press Conference

Step Brothers? As in… Two aimless middle-aged losers still living at home are forced against their will to become roommates when their parents get married. See? (move your lookin’ balls right) Its true, though still unbelievable. The only way to explain this is…well, there’s no way to explain this. Wait: weed. There, we explained it. Oh and Ron? It’s your face. And I, again, you know, you’re doing great, man. [Read More]

Everything Is Terrible! and the Quest for the Magick Krystal Tour!

In what’s being called “the biggest news of your life,” the video mashing comedy stylings of Everything is Terrible! is headed back to St. Louis on July 2nd, with the debut of a new live show and their new movie entitled “2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift”. Never heard of them? Good thing we have this blockquote for you. Everything Is Terrible! was started in 2007 as a way for a group of friends with a serious VHS habit to swap footage. [Read More]