The Best of St. Louis, Laid Out All Pretty Like

We’ve been kinda rough on St. Louis lately, and though we feel it’s some needed tough love, we, like St. Louis itself, like to balance the bad parts with some equally as potent good parts which is why we were delighted to find one of the best “St. Louis City Guides” we’ve seen in a long time.

The guide has been posted on Design Sponge and they included this intro:

Our St. Louis City Guide comes to us from Andrea Avery, an artist and writer who blogs at about art, design, photography, cooking, motherhood and her love of all things vintage. Andrea has been active in the local arts community as a gallery director, literature magazine editor, festival director and volunteer, and is one of the organizers of St. Louis’ annual Kick Ass Awards, a grassroots event that recognizes the unsung individuals, businesses, organizations and projects that contribute to the health and vitality of the St. Louis community. Today she shares some of the magic that makes up the many neighborhoods of this Midwest city.

Love it! Google Maps, city overviews, and breakdowns of each major neighborhood including where to eat, stay and visit make this one of the more complete, and certainly, well-written guide we’ve seen to date.

View the whole guide here: and if you’re like us, you’ll run out and hunt down a few of the restaurants listed in here that we’ve never heard of. For instance, what is this “Ted Drewes” place? Never heard of it. We’ll definitely check it out, and as long as it’s not a little place with super long lines, owned by a crazy old man, and has a parking lot filled with busses full of old people, we’ll probably really enjoy it.