The Cabbies Respond to Us Making Fun of Them

Last week we took some shots at the local cabbies for “whining” about a convention using other transportation rather than cabs. “What do you mean non-cab drivers have figured out how to get their own cars?! Oh no! Someone, quick, talk to the press and make sure they photograph you in the creepiest way possible!” As with every post we do, it was a joke and all the real details are gleaned form the source material, which in this case was KMOX. [Read More]

St. Louis Cab Drivers are Pissed Because Convention Has Their Own Transportation

Ever try to call a cab in St. Louis? It’s a bitch. If you’re in a popular area you can grab one, but trying to get one to pick you up at a random area is nearly impossible at times, and even if they do get there, it’s usually late enough that you and you’re party are either thinking about doing something else or one guy steps up and says “Screw it, I’ll be the designated driver! [Read More]

Contamination 2011 is Upon Us!

It’s a bit of a bummer that we won’t be able to personally cover St. Louis’ “pop culture/sci fi/horror convention”, Contamination, like we did last year because of schedule conflicts, but we wanted to give them a mention anyway. Contamination: 2011, the “sequel” to last year’s even seems to be even bigger with none other than celebrity headliner: Eric Roberts! Oh yes…Eric Roberts. The star (ahem) of both “The Dark Knight” and “VH1: Celebrity Rehab” will be in St. [Read More]

Look Out Behind You! We Have Con-tamination 2010 Photos

As promised, we stopped by the Con-tamination Horror Movie, Sci-Fi, Pop Culture convention this weekend to see the happenings of St. Louis’ horror-loving scene.

In summary, the coolest thing was easily the Night of the Living Dead puppet show put on by Angry Young Men, Ltd

The scariest thing we saw? This autographed photo of David Caruso. Why would someone want that?! Creepy to think about.

After the jump, we have the  best 100-ish photos from the events, but for those that care a little less and want the overview, the photo montage video directly below is the way to go.

[Read More]

St. Louis Horror/Sci-Fi/Pop Culture Convention, Con-Tamination, is This Weekend

How’s this sound?: Horror movie screenings, costume contests, sci-fi references, comic books and appearances from the two guys in this photo. If that sounds like a pop culture-gasm then dude (yeah, I’m assuming you’re a dude) you should get your ass to Con-tamination this weekend. St. Louis’ first Horror, Sci-Fi & Pop Culture convention all under one roof! A weekend packed with toxic celebrities, contagious dealers, viral gamers, brain hemorrhaging music and other coma inducing activities. [Read More]