St. Louis Cab Drivers are Pissed Because Convention Has Their Own Transportation

Ever try to call a cab in St. Louis? It’s a bitch. If you’re in a popular area you can grab one, but trying to get one to pick you up at a random area is nearly impossible at times, and even if they do get there, it’s usually late enough that you and you’re party are either thinking about doing something else or one guy steps up and says “Screw it, I’ll be the designated driver!”. In short, St. Louis isn’t the easiest place to get a cab…but that’s not stopping the St. Louis Cab drivers from bitching about the nerve of a random convention in town to acquire other means of transportation by paying someone that’s not them.

“What do you mean non-cab drivers have figured out how to get their own cars?! Oh no! Someone, quick, talk to the press and make sure they photograph you in the creepiest way possible!”

Local cab drivers complain they’re losing business to “courtesy cars” that a large church convention is using to shuttle its members around town.

The Church of God in Christ confirms it’s using at least 200 courtesy cars to pick up members from the Airport, or whisk them from hotels to the America’s Center.

“It cuts into our business quite a bit,” said cabbie Brian Dew, parked across from the convention, “As you can see we’re sitting idle.”

As you can see, the leader of the St. Louis chapter of the Cab Legion of Doom, stepped up and made sure KMOX knew the trouble they’re in because one convention decided to take their choice for how to get around town, and didn’t choose them. One would think this would spur some sort of innovation, like better ways to pay for cabs, quicker response times for pick ups, or maybe the idea that if there’s no one to drive at this location, you could try going to a different location where other people might need rides. No…no. You’re right. Just call the press from the shadows. Way easier.

via KMOX