The Cabbies Respond to Us Making Fun of Them

Last week we took some shots at the local cabbies for “whining” about a convention using other transportation rather than cabs.

“What do you mean non-cab drivers have figured out how to get their own cars?! Oh no! Someone, quick, talk to the press and make sure they photograph you in the creepiest way possible!”

As with every post we do, it was a joke and all the real details are gleaned form the source material, which in this case was KMOX. In fact, we also took a shot at KMOX for posting the creepiest possible photo of the cab driver they interviewed, but according to the cab drivers that sent us emails over the weekend, we also could have taken a few shots at KMOX for leaving out a few details that we weren’t aware of. So because we’re nice, we wanted to post a couple of the responses we got so that everyone gets a fair shake at defending themselves against a joke.

Cab Driver #1:

If you do have a problem getting a cab then leave me a message and I will be more then willing to give you some phone number to cab drivers that will be more then willing to come and pick you up when you need a cab.. Now as for as this convention if the mayor slay or the st louis city police dont want to inforce [sic] the laws on the books already it might be time for st louis to get a new mayor. and if the metropolitan st louis taxicab commission dont want to inforce [sic] the laws on the books about courtesy car within st louis city; Then we need to get a new director at the commission.

Ok, the intro joke in the post where we complained about how hard it is to get a cab in this town was a singular person’s experience, and a joke. Just to be 100% clear: We won’t be calling you random cab guy, just so you can give us another number to call. That seems weird and inefficient. If you’re lonely enough to want us to call you so that you can give us publicly available numbers then just say you’re lonely and we won’t call you for that reason instead.

So apparently there are some ordinances that make conventions use cabs. Ok, that’s a good detail even though it sounds like one of those little nagging rules that keep more conventions from taking place downtown.

Cab Driver #2:

Frist [sic] and formost please note the cab that this is affectting [sic] are the downtown cabs that you don’t even call when you need a ride you only call one of the 3 major cab company that why it take forever to get a cab. If you would call one of the smaller cab company you would get a cab. Now for this convention it is aganst [sic] the law for these car to park where ever they want too in no parking zone, also if one of the so call courtesy car have an acctident [sic] then the fuck because the don’t have the right ins. to use there car as a car for hire. Next in the city of StLouis [sic] and StLouis co. you must get a premit [sic] to put on a courtesy car which this group did not get. The church og god is breaking all the laws and no one is doing anything about it. If we did it we would get a ticket for parking in a no parking zone or a 500.00 fine fron the city for not having the right permit.

Again, this guy takes issue with the intro joke/complaint about cab availability. Let it go guys. If people don’t know the inside track of who to call to get a ride, it doesn’t matter. If you can’t get a cab, you can’t get a cab. You shouldn’t have to know which cab drivers from which companies to get a freaking ride. Maybe the problem isn’t you, but it’s a problem.

Parking illegally is a good defense, and the convention not getting a permit are legit points, but we have no way of verifying the claims of the courtesy cars not having the required insurance.

Good points cab drivers! We’d still think about getting a less creepy spokesman, not just going to KMOX in the future, and maybe try to innovate along with the complaining about ordinances and permits not be filed, but still point taken and rebuttal posted. Thanks for writing in.