Rams Kicker Josh Brown Gets Cameo in Jackass 3D

The new Jackass movie comes out today and it has an unlikely St. Louis connection via a cameo by Rams Kicker Josh Brown. Brown, the Rams kicker since 2008, took some time out of his busy schedule of kicking and then being made fun of by his teammates for being the kicker to hang out with the boys of Jackass and play a role in on of their painful little stunts.

Brown recently talked about the experience with 101 ESPN’s Brian Stull:

“There’s really no reason for any human being to do these things–but a lot them are absolutely hilarious,” laughed Brown.

Brown wouldn’t tell Stull or the 101 ESPN readers what stunt he took part in though…

[Brown] is staying pretty tight-lipped about what his role in the film consisted of.

“I wasn’t the stuntman, but I was definitely the prop,” shared Josh. “And at the end of the day, he was pretty sore.”

While he assures that he made it past the cutting room floor, Brown says we don’t have to worry about his cleats coming off the screen into our face. “You won’t see my foot coming at you, but you’ll definitely get to witness what my foot caused.”

Oooooh! Playing it so coy Mr. Brown? I guess we’ll just have to watch the movie to find out wh…ha, nope! Here’s what he does courtesy of Vanity Fair:

In a stunt called “The Field Goal,” current St. Louis Rams kicker Josh Brown kicks a football while Preston stands right in front of him. The ball hits Preston in the face, temporarily knocking him out.

Under the new concussion rules, Preston would not have been allowed to reenter the game. In Jackass 3D, he quickly returns so a pig can eat an apple out of his ass.

Well there you have it, Josh Brown kicks a ball in to someone’s face and secrets are for people that don’t know how to work Google.

This actually sounds pretty cool, but it would have been better if they would have tied a guy in the goal posts and had Brown kick field goals at him.

We’re guessing Rams punter Donnie Jones is available for Jackass 4D.