KSDK: Local Costume Shop Runs Out of Rally Squirrel Costumes They Never Had

St. Louis, we love you, but damn there sure is a large portion of us that knows how to hop on some little thing, and while interesting or humorous initially, beat on it and make it to something so dumb you want to smash your head against the ground to make enough goo leak out your ear so that you now think the overplayed stupid thing is awesome and interesting once again…and you’ll find cut off camo shorts totally awesome and wearable for several occasions. [Read More]

Squirrel Takes Out Power to Two Thousand Granite City Residents

A squirrel who hopped in to the Ameren Illinois “distribution line” caused nearly 2,000 customers to lose power Sunday morning. Ameren Illinois spokesperson Natalie Hemmer says a squirrel got into a distribution line Sunday morning, knocking out service to 1,904 customers. Granite City was the area mostly affected. Early thoughts were that the squirrel was suicidal over the lost of Macho Man Randy Savage, while others believed that the rodent was a fervent rapture believer and couldn’t stand the shame of seeing his fellow squirrels on Monday. [Read More]