What Ever the Hell This Thing is Slashed a Bunch of Tires

It’s Halloween weekend, so we’ll be cool about it scaring the crap out of that chubby little girl, but slashing tires? I thought things that looked like this stayed under bridges most of the time!

Belleville Police report that Susan L. Stone, 48, of Lenzburg, Ill., also known as David Stone, has been charged with two counts of criminal damage to property related to several tire slashings there.

Why would David/Susan go off on some tires? Who the hell knows, but if she’s crazy enough to think he can pull off calling himself “Susan” anything is possible.

Oh also, according to the Riverfront Times, she dances. Why the hell not right?

David L. Stone, who also goes by Susan L. Stone, has become a regular presence at local festivals where she dons a pink tutu and a series of feather boas and performs as “The Dance of Life Dancer.”

All we know is if this troll wants to keep looking like a Batman villain, it better step up its crime-game from tire slashing and petty theft right away. Isn’t there a death ray available or something she should be doing to the water supply?

Happy Halloween!

via STLToday

[Editor’s Note: Updated wording to be more clear that we are making fun of the fact that she’s a pretty ugly little criminal, and not the fact that she’s transgendered. Nothing wrong with that.]