The World’s Stupidest Tattoo Features 2011 World Series

It was a hot Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis, so you no doubt bore witness to a large number of dudes peeling their shirt off by the lake or BBQing or other mundane situations that make guys think they should take their shirt off. While all those shirts where being pulled off they no doubt uncovered lots of horrible things like fat, hair, oddly large nipples and more often than not, horrible tattoos.

Rest assured though that none you saw were dumber than this one:

Apparently this genius got this tattoo “before Game 7,” which might mean this was his way of focusing his Game 6 denial on to a spot on his back next to the rest of his stupid tattoos…or he’s just a dumb ass.

The Rangers are playing great so far this year, so maybe they’ll reach the World Series for a third year in a row and his tattoo guy can somehow find a way to make 2011 in to 2012…or they won’t and this guy will look like a freaking moron for another whole year.

It’s crap like this that is making us really start to re-think that “St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols 2012 National League MVP” tattoo we got across our stomach last November.

Of course that’s an actual picture! …the forearm tattoo of Droopy is an unrelated matter.

via Big League Stew