State Representative Cynthia Davis and Her Funny Farm

We’re starting to fall in love with State Rep. Cynthia Davis of O’Fallon. Not like the way girls fall in love with us after a wink and a sip of that drink they should have guarded, but more so in a “We’re pretty sure you are nuts and horrible at your job, but we want you to stick around anyway because you’re nuts and horrible at your job” kinda way. [Read More]

Missouri State Rep Cynthia Davis: All Guns All the Time!

Cynthia Davis sure knows how to make a quotable. She’s like a uglier Sarah Palin. Much uglier. It wasn’t long ago that the 19th district representative pull out a few quotes that got her named “The World’s Worst Person” by liberal TV talking head Keith Olbermann: “Hunger can be a positive motivator,” writes Davis, who chairs the Missouri House Special Committee on Children and Families. “What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals? [Read More]