State Representative Cynthia Davis and Her Funny Farm

We’re starting to fall in love with State Rep. Cynthia Davis of O’Fallon. Not like the way girls fall in love with us after a wink and a sip of that drink they should have guarded, but more so in a “We’re pretty sure you are nuts and horrible at your job, but we want you to stick around anyway because you’re nuts and horrible at your job” kinda way.

The chicken coops in the backyard of State Rep. Cynthia Davis’ O’Fallon home now sit empty after animal control officers ordered the removal of the 20 or so hens and chickens that lived there.

The birds, including those named Buffy and Snowflake, belonged to Davis’ daughter, Cathryn, 24, who had been raising them for several months at the family’s home behind her mother’s Christian bookstore at 1008 Highway K.

There’s really a lot to digest in those two paragraphs to lets take it slow.

So her daughter decided to raise chickens because she was interested in the environment and agriculture…ok to us, the max for a agriculturally inclined daughter would be one, maybe two chickens. …Davis decided 20 was the sweet spot.  Oh and then we find out the daughter is 24. Maybe he should be…I don’t know…getting a job instead of raising chickens in the back yard. You like chickens? Go work at KFC.

Also, so glad we got in the “behind her mother’s Christian bookstore” in the description of her home. That added a lot to the story. Hey, you forgot to tell us if there was a dog taking a crap outside or if there were any Jesus-shaped oil stains in the parking lot of the Auto-Zone next door.

We’ll give Davis this though: That sexy little sub-burb farmer knows how to vamp it up for her official headshot though. Rrrrrrrow!  A hot photo like that makes you think: I wondering whats going on down there. Wait, what? Crap already thought about it. ..aaaaannnnnd, now we’re gay.

[Editor’s Note: From the “tips” we get on Davis, she probably does think that’s how people become gay. For the record it’s not. We’re pretty sure it happens if a regular guy tries on sparkly jeans on accident.]

via Chas Beat