Missouri State Rep Cynthia Davis: All Guns All the Time!

Cynthia Davis sure knows how to make a quotable. She’s like a uglier Sarah Palin. Much uglier.

It wasn’t long ago that the 19th district representative pull out a few quotes that got her named “The World’s Worst Person” by liberal TV talking head Keith Olbermann:

“Hunger can be a positive motivator,” writes Davis, who chairs the Missouri House Special Committee on Children and Families. “What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals? Tip: If you work at McDonald’s, they will feed you for free during your breaks.”

Now she’s out there quoting it up again with her new “guns for everyone” bill. Straight from her website’s page on Missouri Gun Lawswith our translations and comments.

Every word in our US Constitution was put there for a reason.

For me to twist until I think I can use it effectively.

When our founding fathers inserted the First Amendment, it was to protect our ability to discuss every topic.

But not gay marriage.

When they inserted the Second Amendment, it was to insure that should the Federal Government become tyrannical, the citizens could protect themselves.  History is riddled with examples of oppressive governments that began their regimes with disarming the citizenry.

Unless the government is so smart they arm the people so they will just take care of each other until just the pussies survive. (See the ongoing project in South Central L.A.)

My grandfather was one who was victimized by such an action.  Most of his family was executed in the Armenian genocide that began when the Turks disarmed the Armenians.

It took every ounce of my being to not bring up the Nazis here and thus invalidate my argument entirely.

I have filed three bills this year to strengthen the right of the citizens to protect them selves[sic].

I ran in to trouble, but the paperclip popped up with “It looks like you’re trying to write a bill about guns for hicks. Can I help?”

HB 1230 is known as the “Missouri Firearms Freedom Act”—This is very close to what passed in Montana.  It is okay to “borrow” legislative ideas from other states, especially ones that are proven to work.

Editor: I have no idea why she felt the need to explain that this was “cool” with Montana.  Seriously. Anyone care to take a stab at this?

This law says that guns and ammunition made in Missouri and used in Missouri are not subject to federal regulation.  For too long the national government has used “The Commerce Clause” to regulate industries in our state if any of it crosses into other states.  This is just one way we can show them that they are not allowed to regulate that which happens within our state.

Read between the lines: If you make your own guns and bullets you can pretty much shoot anyone you want. Looooophooooole!

Concealed Weapon permits currently cost $100 and only last for 3 years.  It should not cost anything extra to make the permit for 5 years.

Editor: It “shouldn’t”cost anything to do a lot of things, but they tell me the money goes to buying their children clothes so I keep paying…I hate when they talk about their kids first though. Ruins the mood.

Indiana’s CCW permit is valid for a lifetime.  While I like that idea, other states may not honor our permits if they’re validated for a lifetime.

I tried stealing their legislation before Montana, but they threatened me.  Their gun was bigger than mine.

HB 1232 brackets out the words that say firearms are prohibited in churches.  This decision needs to be left up to the congregation, not the government.  Those who own the property should be able to determine their own standards.

Same goes for daycares and schools too!  If they kids want to be safe, get your own gun. They have little ones now with Nerf grips.

Additionally, I have put my name on two lawsuits that are going before the US Supreme Court.  The NRA is defending these cases, and I am named on the amicus briefs.

It made me look cool to tack my name on there.

I will always use the strength of my position to stand up for our rights.

I’m drunk.

My commitment to the constitution is unwavering.

…just not that hippie-ass Bill of Rights.