Joe Buck Probably Banging Someone New

…technically the word is that he is “taking a break” from his wife…but come on dudes.  We all know what that means.

Jerry Burger took a break from talking about people no one gives a damn about and posing for photos like one of those 6 year old beauty pageant girls to actually break a story:

Sports broadcaster  Joe Buck, 42, and his wife,  Ann,  are separated “They’re taking a break,” said Joe’s mom, Carol Buck.  Buck, the son of the late legendary sportscaster Jack Buck, helms “Joe Buck Live” on HBO and continues his chores on FOX.

As far as “other women”, selection at Fox Sports ranging from the rough-looking Jeanie Zlasko to…well all kinds of decent tail.  Which of course there is a blog all about! Sideline Hotties has a whole section for the women of Fox Sports!

Enjoy.  That goes double for you Joe.  You dog!

[Editor’s Note: This post was pretty much all made up because we don’t know much more than Burger does. If you have any info to share on this, hit us up on [email protected]!]


We missed Deadspin’s take on this yesterday that had this little nugget:

On March 1st we received a tip from a friend of the family who said something similar but we spoke to The Agency last week, which represents Buck, and they denied any separation and said Joe and Ann are “not even close” to getting a divorce. So maybe Buck’s mother is a little confused.

We’re thinking she’s not confused, but maybe was not counting on Jerry Burger figuring out his computer.