Joe Buck Probably Banging Someone New

…technically the word is that he is “taking a break” from his wife…but come on dudes. We all know what that means. Jerry Burger took a break from talking about people no one gives a damn about and posing for photoslike one of those 6 year old beauty pageant girls to actually break a story: Sports broadcaster Joe Buck, 42, and his wife, Ann, are separated “They’re taking a break,” said Joe’s mom, Carol Buck. [Read More]

Matt Holliday’s Wife: Not Bad.

He’s going to be around for 7 years, so we might as well dig in here and get to the real question: How’s Matt Holiday’s wife looking? Verdict: Eh. Not bad. Evidence: <p> After meeting on a blind date in 1998 and getting engaged a year later, Matt and Leslee now have two boys age 5 and 2. </p> <p> She looks pretty cute. She&#8217;s no Mrs. Heidi (Mark) DeRosa (<a href="http://punchingkitty. [Read More]