South St. Louis Gets a Taste of North St. Louis

A roving group of thugs went around south St. Louis Friday and eventually kicked the crap out of two men, giving the south side of St. Louis a little taste of what life is like on the north side of town.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police said the group assaulted their first victim in the 7400 block of Virginia. Witnesses told police a 42-year- old man was collecting cans when the teenagers approached him and without provocation began to punch and kick him. The man was not injured and refused medical attention.

The group of teens then fled to the 7100 block of Michigan where they attacked an 82-year old man in the same manner; punching and kicking him. The 82-year old man suffered a broken jaw. He was taken to an area hospital.

We followed up with STL PD and asked: “Doesn’t this kinda thing happen all the time in north St. Louis?”

Well yeah, of course.

So why the sudden response and news coverage?

We responded quickly to this incident and notified the press because this happened actually near where we live, not in some far away place like Beirut or North City where people lay around with flies on their faces and crazy crap like that.  I mean this could have happened to anyone of us coming out of the Qdoba on Grand and Arsenal. I mean, sure that place sucks, but it would suck a lot more if you got jumped on your way out the door.

via Globe Democrat