Slapped Rapper Commentary: Now The Dude Ignorant…

Remember last week’s post about the rapper getting bitch slapped while trying to lay his thang down? (“St. Louis Rapper Slapped Mid-Freestyle“) Well here’s a little YouTube follow up commentary from MissLaurenB18

Take aways from your one-on-one with Miss Lauren:

  1. She doesn’t want to get hit in the jaw because she was licking ice cream.

  2. It was random.

  3. Dude was ignorant.

  4. She’s “not even white”.

  5. Stop hating on each other.

  6. We should be family.

  7. Please rate her.

[Editor’s Note: Eh. I’ll say a 7.5 out of 10, but without seeing the whole package its really just a guesstimate.]