St. Louis Area Police Brace For More Violence, Practice Shooting Stoic Figures

Update: Changed the title, because obviously you can’t shoot someone with a knife…what we we’re were trying to say that they are shooting people holding kn…doesn’t matter. New title! This year, despite cheery tweets from @MayorSlay to the contrary, violence is as high as it’s ever been, but particularly noteworthy is the amount of violence we’ve seen towards police officers. Time and time again we’ve seen comments from the STLPD and their peers that the average criminal doesn’t seem to give a damn anymore about turning on the police. [Read More]

Fenton’s Citizens on Patrol

Do you ever wish your local government would look each other in the eye at a meeting and decide to put the plot of a lame 80’s movie sequel in to motion? Well its your lucky day Fenton, because your town just emulated Police Academy 4! From the press release: The St. Louis County Police Department, West Count Precinct and City of Fenton Precinct will co-host a Citizen Police Academy at the Rockwood Band Meeting Room 1037 Majestic Drive, Fenton, Missouri 63026. [Read More]