Denise Cooke is in Trouble for Child Endangerment, Thought This Was America

Denise Cooke was just going to be gone for a second, so we’re not sure what the big deal is. Some times you need a quick drink, you know? …and also during some of those times you’re a single mother, so maybe you leave your baby in a hotel room. Big whoop. Oh, you’d rather her take the baby to the bar? Who’s the horrible parent now?! Police arrested a woman who allegedly left her 9-year-old son inside a Fenton hotel room while she went out drinking. [Read More]

Girl That Accidentally Hung Herself in a Haunted House is Doing OK

Last Thursday a 17-year-old was hospitalized after accidentally hanging herself while working at the “Creepyworld” Fenton haunted house. After a stint in the ICU, she has been moved after her condition improved. The girl was working as an actress to scare guests when she was hurt on Thursday evening. A co-worker who makes rounds to check the safety of employees found her in the noose. She was unconscious. Authorities have said it appears to have been an accident. [Read More]

Fenton’s Citizens on Patrol

Do you ever wish your local government would look each other in the eye at a meeting and decide to put the plot of a lame 80’s movie sequel in to motion? Well its your lucky day Fenton, because your town just emulated Police Academy 4! From the press release: The St. Louis County Police Department, West Count Precinct and City of Fenton Precinct will co-host a Citizen Police Academy at the Rockwood Band Meeting Room 1037 Majestic Drive, Fenton, Missouri 63026. [Read More]