Porn Shop Owners’ South County Home Penetrated By Two Guys

According to St. Louis County Police reports, two armed men broke in to the home of the owners of multiple “adult entertainment businesses” in the area, stealing cash and injuring both victims. The intruders beat up the husband and wife at their home on the 4400 block of Forder Ridge in south St. Louis County, according to police, and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. The victims were treated for minor injuries at an area hospital. [Read More]

Sweet Hiding Place Bro

Today’s “How to Live in St. Louis” tip: When you’re going to hang out at a local casino, don’t talk to anyone. They will eventually rob you. Today’s other “How to Live in St. Louis” tip: Install hidden cameras. …ok, one more “How to Live in St. Louis” tip: Living in West County won’t save you. A couple’s Brentwood home was invaded by four men they met the night before at the Lumiere Place casino, but the plan failed and they were arrested while their hiding spot from police, and subsequent take down was recorded by a small semi-hidden camera used to animal tracking. [Read More]

Some Little Bitch Tried to Steal From a One-Legged Old Lady

Watch out everyone! Tough guy coming through! Brandon Welch, 20 (but apparently going on 12 by the looks of that photo) needed some money and he tried real hard to make it the honest way. He wanted to do some yard work, and even asked a whole two times before deciding to just get a mask and go the home invasion route on the only person in St. Louis his little ass thought he could take: A 80 year old lady in a wheelchair because she lost a leg to gangrene. [Read More]

Guy Clumsily Out Smarts Dumbass Thieves

KSDK is reporting both on their site and on the air that a Jefferson County man outsmarted his home intruder. The guy got away, so I guess this is kinda true…but, we think the word “outsmarted” might be overstating things a little. Judge for yourself. One of [the] victims they say thought fast to protect his home and future wife. When 26 year old Nick Barr got up for a drink of water just before 1 a. [Read More]

Dudes House Gets Jacked Twice, Probably Deserved it Though

According to the Globe-Democrat, some guy in South St. Louis got his home invaded twice and shot once. Also I heard his Tivo didn’t tape So You Think You Can Dance, so you can imagine how horrible his life is now. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department responded to a report of a home invasion and shooting around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. Investigators said five men attempted a home invasion at a residence in the 2200 block of Osage Street. [Read More]