Some Little Bitch Tried to Steal From a One-Legged Old Lady

Some Little Bitch Tried to Steal From a One-Legged Old Lady

Watch out everyone! Tough guy coming through! Brandon Welch, 20 (but apparently going on 12 by the looks of that photo) needed some money and he tried real hard to make it the honest way. He wanted to do some yard work, and even asked a whole two times before deciding to just get a mask and go the home invasion route on the only person in St. Louis his little ass thought he could take: A 80 year old lady in a wheelchair because she lost a leg to gangrene.

They say Brandon Welch, 20, knocked on the woman’s door, asking her if he could do yard work.  She said no, but that short exchange was enough to give the robber a good look at his victim — a woman he didn’t expect to fight back

“And I heard WHOMP,” she said.  “He kicked the door in!”

“He said ‘I want your money,’ and he’s going all through the house, and he knocked me out of the wheelchair,” Charlotte said.

Scary stuff, and it all happened in broad daylight giving further proof to the theory that St. Louis is so inept at stopping violent crime that the criminals don’t even give pause before kicking down someone’s front door.

The bad news for Welch was that he looks like he’s about 11 years old, and no matter who you are or how many limbs you’ve lost everyone’s pretty sure they can take someone on that looks 11.

…but she climbed back in (to her wheelchair), ready for a fight.

“He was going back toward the bedrooms and I was going after him, and I was hitting him in the back with my fists telling him to get out of here!” she said.

While the two struggled a neighbor called 911 after witnessing Welch kicking in the door. The police got there in minutes and managed to take down the perp…probably by flicking the lights on and off, threatening to take his video game privileges away and yelling his full name while accentuating his embarrassing middle name.

Officers, you’ve now met Lil Brandon Welch, what do you think of him?

Police describe this as one of the most egregious crimes they’ve ever seen.

“I think he’s the lowest form of life on this earth,” Sgt. Stone said.

And to think, all he had to do was to look at the lady and say “Grandma!? It’s me! Why don’t you remember?!”…and then start crying to the cops. That totally would have worked, or at least made everyone pause just long enough for a good head start.

via KMOV