St. Charles Police Catch a Predator Dateline Style!

St. Charles Police Catch a Predator Dateline Style!

We’re not sure who got to play the Chris Hansen part, but we do know the sting worked as 23 year-old Mohammad Teimoortagh of St. Charles is in custody on Attempted Sexual Trafficking of a Child, Attempted Statutory Rape and several other horrible charges.

Though as you can tell by the mugshot, he’s not worried. “Hey yo! Solissatatin’ a minor?! Fagetta ’bout it! It’s one of those tings ya know? I’m horny, yadda yadda yadda, I might have tried to proposition a 14 year old. Bada big, I’m in here. What? You wanna do something about it?!” We know he’s a midwesterner of apparently middle eastern descent, but that picture screams New York accent to us. Whatever, just go with it.

Police say Mohammad Teimoortagh, 23, of the 3200 block of Everwood Run in St. Charles, asked a woman he knew if she could hook him up with a 12-year-old virgin for sex. Little did he know, that woman was a confidential informant working with police.

See what he did wrong here was asked a police officer if she knew of any 12 year-old girls he could purchase for sex. This of course raises the question: He thought there are women out there who are essentially little girl madams? WTF!? Is this a thing? Please tell us this guy is a moron in addition to being a pervert and that this isn’t a thing.

“She said that originally told him that she could get him a 15-year-old, but he said no, that was too old for him, and that he wanted younger, preferably a 12-year-old,” St. Peters Police Officer Melissa Doss said.


That’s when undercover detectives got involved. They say Teimoortagh agreed to meeting a 14-year-old virgin for sex in exchange for $100. When Teimorrtagh showed up to meet the girl at the Garden Plaza Hotel in St. Peters, he was instead met by police and arrested.

So anyway Mohammad Teimoortagh, who allegedly claimed that 15-year-olds where too old for him, sounds like pretty much the worse person ever. Second place? All the people that start sentences with “I’m fixin’ to…”

via KMOV