Clayon Police Are Looking For a Serial Groper

There’s a “serial groper” on the loose in Clayton, usually operating across the street from the St. Louis County Jail. It’s a perfect plan. Who’s going to believe some broad who’s going to jail?

Officers say it’s happened at least three times in recent weeks, mostly on weekend evenings.

The man commits the act in a public parking lot, then runs away before his victim has time to react.

We didn’t think it was all that odd for a criminal to not hang around and get caught or identified, but apparently it’s worth mentioning.

So what’s the move? How do we catch this guy? What’s he look like?

He’s described as white or Hispanic, in his early 20′s, under five-foot-ten inches tall, with a thin to medium build and black shoulder-length hair.

…and here’s a sketch (top right).

That’s a pretty clear description and sketch, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find him…wait a minute! Are we looking for 70s David Cassidy?!

Look at that smug son of a bitch. He knows he’s going to get away with it because of his time machine…wait wait wait wait. This doesn’t make any sense. Has anyone seen Danny Bonaduce? This feels like a frame up.

Any of these Partridge Family references doing anything for you? We’re not even old enough for these references, but here we are. No idea why a little guy groping ladies in a parking garage in Clayton got us to the Partridge Family, but it did and we’re way to lazy to delete this post and start over again now.

via KMOX