Rams Scout Showed Penis to Cop While at the NFL Combine

Good god Rams. You start prepping for a draft where you aren’t picking in the top 3 for the first time in a few years and you get all crazy and start pissing all over buildings? Keep it together guys.

Luke Driscoll, a Rams NFL scout was arrested under charges of public nudity and intoxication in Indianapolis while in town for the NFL Combine.

Police say he also exposed himself to a female officer. His speech was reportedly “very slurred” at the time. Driscoll is charged with public nudity and intoxication. He is an 11-year member of the rams’ scouting department.

It all started when the cops caught Driscoll peeing on the side of a downtown building early Friday morning. That sucks. Who among us hasn’t peed on the side of a building at one time or another? Still though, one has to wonder how this fits in with Heir Coach Spagnuolo’s “Four Pillars” rules where anyone that isn’t perfectly angelic gets the boot.  …or maybe this guy’s just a random dude that got drunk and was better at finding bad luck than a bathroom and this is all about as interesting as listening to Anne Hathaway go “Whooooo!” off camera all night during the Oscars. Sweetie, if we can’t see your boobs then your antics aren’t cute or fun.

via Fox2