Mizzou Freshman Fell Out of His Dorm

Richard Mehan, a 19 year old Mizzou freshman from Chesterfield, is in the hospital after falling from his dorm’s balcony Saturday night. The St. Louis High School grad fell from a fifth-floor balcony to a fourth-floor Laws hall landing at 2 am and is in “fair” condition at a Columbia hospital.

What could he have been doing at 2am Missouri University Police captain Brain Weimer?

Weimer said Mehan had been drinking.

Ah! Ok, so he got drunk and fell over the railing. …well, actually its far more stupid than that.

Weimer said Mehan had been hanging onto the outside of a railing when his hands apparently slipped.

He was drunk, hanging on the outside of the railing. How can a plan that sounded so perfect go so wrong?$5 this guy’s a Missouri congressman in 20 years. Better yet, it sounds like he might have just hit his head hard enough to be the mayor of St. Louis.

via STLToday