Found: Time Lapse Video of Driving In To St. Louis

Found this fun little time-lapse video Sean Trani took while driving in to St. Louis a while back, for your Friday enjoyment as you watch the clock ticking…ticking… Can you believe it’s already 4pm?!

Nah. We’re joking. It’s only 2.

If you go poop for an hour it will be 3 when you get out though. Just a thought.

Found Video: A St. Louis Time Lapse

What the hell is it about time lapse videos that are so damn entertaining? I don’t know either, but I just found a St. Louis themed one on Vimeo: Walking around, or a sped up day (ahem) are really is the best uses of time lapse. Porn I think would be really weird all sped up. It would be over so quick, you really couldn’t enjoy yourself. Oh wait. I think I just found some sympathy for women. [Read More]