Streetballers Opens This Friday

We’ve been hearing buzz about this for a while now, but the press release we got last night sealed the deal! Plus this film is pretty much 100% connected with St. Louis, so thats pretty cool. Well I guess we have to talk about this! The winner of seven notable awards including, “Best Cinematography”, “Jury Award”, “Audience Choice Award” and “Best Dramatic Feature” has partnered with the Landmark and Wehrenberg Theatres in Saint Louis for the film’s initial national launch. [Read More]

People Don’t Think St. Louis is Sexy? Isn’t Helping

Hey ladies of St. Louis! Do you ever feel like you need to dress up in weird outfits or nothing at all and go to a strange-looking man’s office so he can take pictures of you for free as long as he can keep some himself and maybe post them on his website? Well have I got the guy for you! …also, I’m very sorry your daddy didn’t love you. [Read More]

Street Musician: A CurrentTV Video Flimed in the Loop

This is a little old being as it was posted in October of last year, but I just ran across it today and its a great little piece shot in the Loop about a street musician named Bryson Gerard. I know I’ve seen this guy sitting in front of Vintage Vinyl from time to time, and I’m guessing many of you have too. The page for this on Current is here: current. [Read More]
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Lambert Add Window on St. Louis, Quickly Shuts Shades

According to USAToday, a new interactive art exhibit is being installed in to Lambert Airport. The feature is called Windows on St. Louis. It’s a glass-walled gallery where six cultural attractions have filled the windows with art and memorabilia. Touch-screen computer technology allows people to take a digital tour of the Gateway Arch grounds. Other sections highlight celebrated museums, neighborhoods and a cathedral. You wanna know something thats going to shock you? [Read More]