People Don’t Think St. Louis is Sexy? Isn’t Helping

Hey ladies of St. Louis!  Do you ever feel like you need to dress up in weird outfits or nothing at all and go to a strange-looking man’s office so he can take pictures of you for free as long as he can keep some himself and maybe post them on his website?  Well have I got the guy for you!  …also, I’m very sorry your daddy didn’t love you.

Meet Steve.  He’ll be your photographer.  Just leave your dignity there by the door.  If you have some nagging inhibitions, take a sip of that fizzing green liquid.  While  you drift off in to “lets take of my pants for the same guy I swear I’ve seen hanging around women’s bathroom with a Flip camera” land, lets read through Steve’s bio:

In 1974 Steve began taking pictures for the school newspaper, the year book,  joined the photography club and spent countless evenings in the darkroom developing film and enlarging prints. He won first place in a New York state-wide  photography competition and also received the New York City Fine Arts Award in “Creative Photography” at the age of 17.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York which included a minor in fine arts. Although Steve pursued a successful career in marketing, creative photography has remained a life long passion.

You really need to check out my man’s work on the site,, because I’m not posting that stuff here.  Let me just drop you some keywords though: Snizz, ugly, pancakes, glamor shots from hell, preggers, eeewwone not bad chick but that might just be because she’s surrounded by uglies, birds for some reason, oh and NSFW