What’s the Deal With This Billboard on Gravois?

City dwellers that travel down Gravois, or Hodak’s fried chicken addicts should recognize this flashy billboard, which has totally become our favorite billboard ever in recent days, but we gotta ask: Anyone know the deal with this thing?

Current theories include a new store selling levitation pants, a hip new funeral home, or simply a cartoon character that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and laid down for a quick nap. Oh we know its probably some art piece, but a little part of us is hoping he’s just chillin’ until that sexy face down lady gets some billboard space right above him.

Update: Ask and you shall receive! Commenter Heath Harris points us in the right direction…

Here is the deal: http://www.goodcitizenstl.com/…

From the Good Citizen Gallery, which sits directly beneath this billboard:

“Richard Deon’s billboard Writ Large is featured as one of the highlights of the 2011 SGC International Conference.”

Thanks Heath!