Some Old Fart Doesn’t Like Changing His Clock Twice a Year

Oh KSDK’s “I’m Just Saying” you truly are the gift that keeps giving…like that dog you never wanted, but is still year long after you figured everyone was pretty tired of it and it keeps crapping all over your house.

I know you’re dying to know what the big compliant is this time: Kids won’t stay off your lawn? That damn rap music? How no one got piercing back in the day? All very close guesses, but no. Today’s nut-ball that KSDK thinks is a better use of airwaves than its usual reporting staff is complaining about Daylight Saving Time. Why? Because he doesn’t like changing his clocks twice a year. Nevermind that most clocks change themselves these days, save your oven and watch, but that would mean some of your clocks are on computers or them damn cellular phones the kids are always talking, looking at and poking all day!

Father Time’s other DST complaints include the following:

“We only do it so that kids don’t have to come home from school in the dark!”

“Hawaii and Arizona don’t do it!”

“I missed The Wheel because of the time change!”

“Where are my pills?!”

“The damn commies are taking over everything!”

“I’m sleepy!”

“Where am I?!!!”

“Who are you people?!”

If you dare, go checkout the video, but we’re warning  you: It’s god awful. The worst part is that just when you think Mr. Curmudgeon Sr. here is all done, you can enjoy a painful animation KSDK put together showing you how to comment followed by a 2o second freeze frame with only 10 seconds of background music.

We’re not old and dumb yet, but we’re sure it will happen some day, and when that day comes, we’re going to do our best to be annoyed by stuff that matters like how you never see an asian midget, and the fact that we’ve come so far as a society, but you sill can just grab some boob on the street.