Damn That’s a Nice Coyote Hat

This Coyote hat, which is more of a full animal skin with a pocket for your head at one end than it is a traditional hat, can be all yours for $150! The sexy model does not come with the hat or, hopefully, at all.

We actually aren’t sure if this “hat” was actually something someone purposefully made this way, or a coyote tried to eat this slow-moving old broad one day only to choke and die while trying to swallow her head.

If your idea of a good way to blow $150 is to shove your head in the neck-hole of a dead animal skin, then this sounds like a good deal. It also sounds like a good deal if you just want to buy it to scare the neighbor kids or if you wanted something to wear to work on the days you have meetings with that vegetarian chick that just keeps going on and on about animal cruelty like you actually slaughtered your chicken nuggets in the parking lot.

via Craiglist and Reddit (bbr4nd0n)

[Full screen capture of the ad after the jump for posterity if/when the Craigslist link stops working]