Man Beaten With 2×4 in North City Basement

A man and his girlfriend are telling police of one really really bad day where the man was being confined to a North City basement and beaten with 2×4’s. Wow, that sounds pretty ba…oh and then he was moved to another vacant North City home a block over and beaten more there. Yikes.

According to Lieutenant Dan Zarrick, a girlfriend received a call from her boyfriend that he’s being held against his will and assaulted in the basement of a house in the 5400 block of Partridge.

The victim told police three suspects beat him with 2x4s. They also had weapons.

The SWAT stormed the house thinking the suspects may have come back, but no one was there.

Damn those pesky North City beatings and all that available vacant houses! Was the the crime that drove the people away or was it the people leaving that left all the great space to do crime in? Chicken and the egg man…assuming the chicken is poverty and the egg is a complete lack of police presence…and the chicken is on crack along with being the proud owner of the full hepatitis alphabet…and the egg is already robbing people.

The victim seems to be fine after the ordeal and when asked about the ordeal said it was horrible, but pretty average for North City.

via KMOV