The Office’s St. Louis Girls Start a Bake-Off

According to Mindy Kaling, aka The Office’s Kelly Kapoor, the St. Louis-raised girls of the office started up a little local-flavored bake-off on set:

The three St. Louis raised stars of The Office who can apparently all make Gooey Butter Cake, are, of course, Jenna Fischer (Pam), who is hot, Ellie Kemper (Erin), who is also hot, and Phyllis Smith (Phyllis) , who also…um…works there.

We asked Kaling for an update on the bake-off results, but as of this writing, we haven’t heard anything back. We will break in to whatever important thing you are doing later and tell you though since this is just as important as a tornado watch in the middle of Illinois and the weather people always busting in for that crap.

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