Don’t Worry Folks, the Vindicator Will Save Us

A link has been making the rounds recently of a Craigslist ad from a man calling himself the Vindicator, and he claims he is St. Louis’ masked vigilante. Nothing like putting a Craigslist ad out there in the “nonprofit jobs” section to drum up interest in your burgeoning superhero career. We believe this is the same way Batman found Robin…that was back in the day though when grown men could put an ad up that read “Powerful man in tight clothes and cape looking for young athletic boy to help beat off Gotham City’s biggest brutes! Must love masks.” and just think they’re looking for a sidekick.

Im [sic] the Vindicator

(Although I hate to Say it) Im [sic] a masked Vigilante who patrols the St. Louis City area looking for, stopping, and eliminating the possibility of crime through non-lethal (yet possible physical) means.

I dont [sic] carry ballistic guns byt am well equiped [sic] to disarm a coward with one.

Specializing in “danger”, night stalkings, bullies, domestic violence and we believe, bar mitzvahs, he goes on to say that any attempts to interview him will “result in denial” which makes perfect sense since there’s little doubt he can offer you, or himself, anything else these days. Oh we also won’t try to interview him because no one cares. We played superhero for the first decade of our lives and you don’t see anyone giving a crap about that! No we didn’t have a Facebook page (His employer is “justice”!) or a Yahoo! mail account, but it was a different time then. A time before YouTube when crazy tended to say a little more localized.

Sadly the post has been flagged for removal on Craigslist, but our intrepid tipster managed to grab a screenshot on his phone:

If you are walking the streets of St. Louis one night and see a caped avenger, snap a few photos for us. He’ll be the one in the hat and gloves because his mom would hate to see him catch a cold because of his new hobby.

via our tipsters, who are all superheroes to us!