Albert Pujols Has a Cousin Named Harry

Harry Pujols…or phonetically…Harry Poo-holes. Seriously. Here’s a photo: Confirmed from a good source that is this in fact our very own Albert’s cousin. Now that we’ve settled that its true, there’s the matter of why the hell anyone with the last name of Pujols would go by Harry. Hank…Harrison…Skippy…Lorenzo…Albertsmycousingivemethings?! All of those would go much better in front of Pujols than Harry. We know what you are thinking: Use your middle name! [Read More]

Is That Dana Loesch on VH1’s Tough Love Couples?

No. It’s not…but we agree with our tipsters that it totally looks like her though. On the left is Axelle, who is one of the castmembers on VH1’s Tough Love Couples show, has a really dumb name, and has a striking resemblance to our own Dana Loesch, who is would certainly qualify as a “super-fan” of Punching After establishing that, yes, they are in fact two different people, we looked in to how they are alike: After watching the show, we know that both can be kinda angry at a moment’s notice and both have brown hair…um…we mean on the top of their heads, but we’re sure what you were thinking is true too. [Read More]

This is the Best Crazy Bitch Fight We’ve Seen in a While

Lets be clear. We don’t want to mislead anyone. This is the best “chick” fight we’ve seen in a while. “Chick” fights consists of 2+ attractive girls that probably really aren’t fighting as much as they are just wrestling to get people’s attention. They do this because it works. Chick Fights are awesome. This video below (use headphones) is a “crazy bitch” fight. One of the combatants is tall and lanky, the other is short and fat with pink hair that gets ripped off and both are really really pissed off. [Read More]

Guy Craps Himself at Brentwood Bar

We received a hot…well maybe we should call it “warm”…tip from one of our readers that witnessed a grown man crapping his pants at a bar, as in, in public, as in, running down his leg while he tried to casually walk over to the john. Too bad the men’s room doesn’t usually have those pull down changing tables. I was at Double D’s Lounge on Brentwood saturday. A dude in his twenties proceeded to poop his pants, leaving a trail of doody into the men’s restroom. [Read More]
bar  camo  pants  poop  sighting 

Found on Opening Day: The Greatest Shirsey Ever!

Tip of the cap to CardsDiaspora.comfor finding this gem at opening day and sharing via Twitter: Good for him to show restraint and not go with the cut-off sleeves or the tufts of back hair coming out the top. Sometimes style, even at Cardinal games, isn’t about what you did, but what you didn’t do. Maybe he could have gone for a shredded bottom of the shirt look though, but only because that’s flattering on everyone. [Read More]

Fat Lady Takes Rascal Through Drive Through

Found on The Dirty, this photo submitted by one of their St. Louis readers really makes you feel proud to live in St. Louis doesn’t it?[ ]1 Not sure if she’s new to the whole fat person motorized vehicle thing, but you would think she’d be able to get a little closer to the curb there. Especially since we both know she’s not going to put out any effort when they hand the “food” out to her. [Read More]

Is Stacy Park a Secret Government Installation? Google Maps: Yes.

Stacy Park is a lovely little neighborhood park over by Olive and Lindbergh in Olivette, MO. We’ve been there and we just say a playground and a baseball diamond. We didn’t even notice the huge cement installation with the words “DANGER KEEP OFF” written on it. What you don’t believe me? Ask my friend Google Maps. He’ll show you. So what the hell is going on here? We looked around and these satellite photos don’t appear to be all that old. [Read More]