Is Stacy Park a Secret Government Installation? Google Maps: Yes.

Stacy Park is a lovely little neighborhood park over by Olive and Lindbergh in Olivette, MO. We’ve been there and we just say a playground and a baseball diamond. We didn’t even notice the huge cement installation with the words “DANGER KEEP OFF” written on it.

What you don’t believe me? Ask my friend Google Maps. He’ll show you.

So what the hell is going on here? We looked around and these satellite photos don’t appear to be all that old. What the hell did Google take a photo of and use for Stacy Park? …or did we just uncover where they buried the alien landing from a few years back that produced the perma-happy KMOV’s white Al Roker Matt Chambers.

Look, we don’t care that you think he’d be nice in real life, no one can be that happy working on Great Day St. Louis. He’s gotta be a lizard under than human mask!

Oh excuse us. There’s a black van that just rolled up to the Punching Kitty HQ. This will just be a second. Wait what?! Take your hands off me! Don’t tell me to stop typing! Oh like that black hood is going to stop me…you’re going to need something stronger than that to take me down! Oh that club might do the tri…

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